Early training, travels and experience

I was born near Macclesfield, UK, but brought up in the New Forest on the banks of the Beaulieu River. The love for the landscape of my childhood home and a general sense of connection to landscape has been a potent influence in my creative life. This crystallized when studying under James Sellars at Southampton College of Art. Later at Canterbury College of Art I continued training as a graphic designer specialising in illustrator. After graduating I spent several years in publishing as an editor, copywriter and designer before joining the toy industry. Working in the European R&D department of Milton Bradley, a major American company, I was based in London but also travelled widely in Europe.

In the mid 1980s I left industry and took the hippie trail to India, Indonesia and Australia some time after most hippies had gone home and were sensibly devising new technology worldwide – I did it all the wrong way round.