Recycling in the Office: What Actions Do You Have to Take?


Every day, the volume of collected waste is rising uncontrollably, and the establishments where we work contribute a lot to it. This has been a problem for years and now, and it needs a creative solution. Throwing your garbage into recycling soft plastic will not only lessen the amount of corporate waste that goes straight to landfill areas but will also benefit the environment in general.

In this article, we will discuss actions that you and your employees can take to reduce waste in your office.

#1. Recycle Office Paper

Let’s start with the obvious – office paper. The number of paper sheets the workers use on a daily basis is shocking. The easiest way to deal with it is to put a paper-recycling soft plastic bin in each office area and arrange the papers in a way where cleaning people can collect easily.

#2. Engage Your Employees about Recycling

Educate the employees about recycling in the office. If you are one of the big bosses, you can explore creative strategies on how to reuse office materials and explain to your people why their participation is a must. With proper education, your office staff will know what to do.

#3. Include Other Office Materials in the Recycling System

Expand your recycling system. It is necessary to consider other items found in your offices like computers, printers, bottles, food wastes, and other office appliances that you no longer need. This is a continuous process, and some employees may not follow it right away. But with strong implementations and policies on your recycling system, your staff will learn and get used to it. Putting recycling soft plastic bin in their offices will not go to waste.

#4. Choose the Best Bins

Plastic recycling boxes for offices are available in various designs and sizes. The choices start from an individual employee’s desk to common function rooms. You need to invest in products according to your recycling needs and how big your efforts are going to be. You also need to consider the aesthetics of your office. Make sure the plastic recycling bin you choose will fit the interiors of your office. Remind your employees to recycle by posting signs and guidelines. A soft plastic bin in each nook and niche will also be a great reminder for everyone to dump their waste properly.

#5. Control the Number of Bins

Remove the personal bins located under each employee’s desk. If you disallow small bins under their desks, they will be forced to stand up and throw their waste into the proper bins. Soon, your employees will always keep in mind to include recycling in their daily routine.

Is it going to work?

Making your employees realize how easy and necessary it is to follow the recycling practices will be worth it’s worth. The moment they understand the necessity of trimming your office waste, they will make sure to follow your rules. In any company, no matter how big or small, the success of the recycling system lies in strong implementation and strict guidelines. Should you need recycling bins, try checking out Ecobins for your office recycling needs.