Winter 2012 (and remembering 2011)

Last year was extremely busy and I badly neglected my website updates. I'll be trying to put that right now.

The main focus of my entire 2011 year was curating, setting up and hanging an exhibiton at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. The exhibition was called Fleece First and was not directly to do with my own work- in fact there was only one tiny piece of my work in it. I wanted to highlight some of the interesting wool connections being made locally between makers, farmers, breeders and industry. It took eighteen months to plan and featured the work of several makers, including weavers, spinners, a feltaker and a knitter / knitwear designer.We supported the Campaign for Wool.

On the opening day we welcomed five Ryeland sheep to the event and they proved a great success with visitors. Over the six week period 16,000 visitors came to the exhibition. See images here.

Jane Deane's fabric length in handspun Bluefaced Leicester dyed with woad and walnut and handwoven; designed and made for Fleece First 2011

Detail of Jenny Wilknson's rug Reflection in natural coloured and natural dyed fleece; shown at Fleece First 2011

Detail of Claire Crompton's knitted chair cover. It was part handspun, part commercially spun, in Bluefaced Leicester and dyed with woad. Designed and made for Fleece First 2011


I taught at Denman College and West Dean last year and have more courses scheduled for 2012 which include new courses at the recently opened Ardington School of Crafts. For information, please visit my courses page.

I taught a natural dyes course at Denman and Dillington House and students produced samples on silk and wool with many overdyes (see below). Each student also dyed their own silk scarf .

At West Dean I taught a course on scarves with acid dyes and wax-resist, which will be repeated in a revised format for 2012.

Work completed on my course on Natural Dyes at Dillington House, Somerset. Students learned how to use weld, madder, cochineal and indigo in a very packed course whch included creating sets of overdyed samples and dyeing a silk scarf