January 2010

We are having a cold winter here in the UK. It makes life hazardous for those travelling around on the roads but the fiercely frosty mornings and some heavy snow have produced magical sparkling landscapes when the sun has shone, which it often has.

Frost on grass, Hatherleigh Moor

Scarf inspired by grass textures - 2006

Above: Snowy walk on Twelfth Night - before taking down the Christmas decorations

My other resolution is to make sure I draw more than I did last year. I am always preaching about it to other people but often don't get around to it myself.



Ice necklace

I am starting the New Year with two creative intentions. One is that by the end of 2010 I shall have learned to knit a pair of acceptable socks. Acceptable to whom is a decision I will be leaving to myself.. I have stated this intention in public to the Online Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers so I think I'm going to have to achieve it or lose any Tex-Cred I may have had.. It seems there are other Onliners who have been terrified of knitting all their lives, so we are a small and committed band. I put down my Knitphobia to childhood. I was ill for a considerable time and was taught to knit by my mother, to help me pass the time. It's not that I didn't enjoy it, but ever since I have associated the activity with feverish and dreary days in bed wishing I wasn't isolated by sickness.

Since I feel in full confessional mode, this is what I knitted as a sick child 54 years ago. Not the tatty one-eyed bear, but the yellow bear-suit. There was a scarf too, which was the first item I knitted but is now fortuitously lost since I remember it was full of dropped stitches. The bear was made by an old lady in our village and was won by my father in a raffle. I think that without the yellow suit, he would have fallen to pieces many years ago (the bear, not my dear Papa).



I actually completed my second-ever scarf over Christmas using Chunky Brushstrokes yarn by Stylecraft, from a lovely shop that has opened locally. Here is the scarf below. The bear is jealous.



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